Shrama-dana (Dhamma Service)

I would say that every student should make it a point to spare some time for serving people in Dhamma. To take course after course while doing nothing for Dhamma service is not a healthy way of developing in Dhamma. Take courses, but also spare time for serving in Dhamma. This is very important.

S.N. Goenka

What is the purpose of Dhamma service?
Dhamma service is to offer voluntary service with the volition to contribute to the happiness of others without expecting any material returns. While serving, you learn how to apply Dhamma in day-to-day life. By learning to act according to the Dhamma in dealing with the situations in the little world of a meditation course or centre, you train yourself to act in the same way in the world outside.

Despite the possibly unwanted behaviour of other persons, you practise trying to keep the balance of your mind, and to generate love and compassion in response. This is the lesson you try to master. You become strengthened in Dhamma and learn to develop your goodwill, love, and compassion for others. You progress in Dhamma to enjoy real peace, real harmony, real happiness.

Dhamma Nadī welcomes Dhamma servers to render service in the construction planning activities, for example:

  • Land surveying
    • Site planning survey
    • Construction survey
  • Architectural modeling
  • Landscape planning
  • Water recycle planning
  • Sewage planning
  • Electrical cabling and plumbery planning
  • Other similar activities

If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, do get in touch.

Serve to keep the wheel of Dhamma  rotating.