“After all, how does a land become Dhamma land? By the meditation of good-hearted people generating good vibrations, which permeate the atmosphere. This is your dana to the centre, and it is far superior to material dana. The more the people who meditate in a place, the stronger the vibrations become. And, the good vibrations at a Dhamma centre are helpful not only to those who attend the current courses, they also accumulate. This atmosphere of pure Dhamma supports generations over centuries. What a wonderful gift you are giving to those unknown people! Your dana is wonderful!”

“My Sayagyi used to say to those of his students who could go into the nibbanic stage at will, “You give the biggest donation to this centre: the wonderful vibrations associated with the experience of nibbana.”

“So, if you serve in no other capacity, but that of a meditator, just meditate. Even if you don’t reach the stage of nibbana, it doesn’t matter; whatever purity you generate will spread and the atmosphere will get charged with the vibration of purity.”

– From For the Benefit of Many by S. N. Goenka